Instructional Games

Instructional Games

Join. Play. Learn. with the Birmingham Duplicate Bridge Club!

The Birmingham Duplicate Bridge Club offers instructional game opportunities to chat and ask questions during the game, pair with a mentor, play and learn from a life master.

If you already have the basics down and want a more relaxed setting in which to ask questions, register for a Chat Game, a Mentor/Mentee Game, or a No 2 Life Master Game for learning opportunities.

Chat Games are for players with 0-50 points. Talking about your hand and asking questions of the director is acceptable in this relaxed game.

Mentor/Mentee Games start in August of each year and run for 15 weeks on Thursday afternoons. Non Life Master players/Mentees are paired with a more experienced player/Mentor. Mentors help their mentees improve their game by playing together once a week.

No 2 Life Master Games are Saturday games, occasionally with brunch first, where only one player of the pair can be a life master. This provides a learning opportunity in a regular game.

Register as an individual. If you have a partner or mentor, registration is individually.

Register today to further your game!